Seeta (1934), 119 mins


Produced by: East India Film Company, Calcutta
Language: Hindi
Color: Black and white
Type: Sound
Technical details: Nitrate
Cast: Durga Khote, Prithviraj Kapoor, Gobindrao Tembe, K.C.Dey, Gul Hamid, Dhiraj, Hiralal, Mukhtar Begum, Indubala, Trilok Kapoor, Radhabai, Noorjehan, Kardar, Mazhar Khan
Director: Debaki Kumar Bose


A mythological film with a stellar cast featuring Prithviraj Kapoor as Ram and Durga Khote as Seeta along with some of the most high-profile actors of the time, the film broke new ground by becoming the first Indian film to gain international exposure: it was screened at the 1934 Venice Film Festival where Debaki Bose won an award, the first Indian filmmaker to do so on an international platform.