Sairandhri, 1933, 148 mins


Produced by: Prabhat Film Co., Pune
Language: Marathi & Hindi
Color: Color
Type: Sound
Music: Govindrao Tembe
Cast: Leela, Suresh Mane, Master Vinayak, Nimbalkar, Shakuntala, Prabhavati, Kulkarni, Bhonsle, Salunke
Camera: Keshavrao Dhaiber & V. Avadhoot
Director: V. Shantaram


The first Indian film to have been made in colour, (though not indigenously since it was processed and printed in Babelsburg, Germany using the Agfacolor process), ‘Sairandhri’ is a remake of Baburao Painter’s silent classic from 1920, of the same name. It is a dramatisation of an episode of the Mahabharat: the act of disrobing of Draupadi in the court of the Kauravas, leading to the humiliation of the Pandavas.